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Coke Oven Management Information Technology

A key component of Fosbel’s CBM Program is our 

Coke Oven Management Information Technology, or COMIT®

COMIT® is a web-based condition monitoring system that enables better visibility into maintenance priorities for more strategic maintenance management.

This provides a graphical representation of battery deterioration and improvements, which enables prioritization of battery repairs and ongoing assessment of maintenance programs.  The system can be adapted for any coke oven/battery design, including non-recovery/heat recovery ovens.

Although the main focus is on refractory condition, COMIT® also includes modules for monitoring coke battery operational data such as:

  • Flue temperatures and damages

  • Pushing forces

  • Stack emissions

  • Oven rankings

  • Overdue inspections

  • Refractory repair life

  • Bracing

  • Door Module

Inkedcomit ir_LI.jpg

Infrared Thermal image details operating temperatures of heating wall.


The battery health assessment feature is a key tool to assess performance and extend battery life.

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