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Fosbel initiated a research project to address ceramic welding repairs that provided greater yield onto the refractory surface and less possible contamination residue. This research project resulted in the next generation of ceramic welding powders. Introducing Fosbel's:


Nano-Tec™ Higher Yield Ceramic Welding Powders 

Fosbel's line of Nano-Tec™ materials exhibit greater yield and lower rebound, thus decreasing weld time and lowering the cost of repairs. 

The higher density and improved corrosion resistance allow for a longer furnace life.

Nano-Tec™ materials exhibit nine times less inhalable crystalline silica compared to standard ceramic welding materials.

Our new family of Nano-Tec™ powders are currently silica-based formulations which improve yield (up tp 15%) and lowers the risk and duration of glass defects due to less rebound entering the furnace.

NT Weld Mass Glass Photoshopped.png

Nano-Tec™ SG

Standard SG

Nano-Tec™ SG Powder vs Standard SG

Nano-Tec Glass Chart.png
Nano-Tec™ Time Savings
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