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Fosbel initiated a research project to address ceramic welding repairs on older ovens that do not heat as well as designed.  In many cases, the cooler end flues do not generate enough heat to ensure a quality ceramic weld. This research project resulted in the next generation of ceramic welding powders.

Fosbel’s line of Nano-Tec™ materials exhibit greater yield and lower rebound, thus decreasing weld time and lowering the cost of repairs.

Nano-Tec™ materials exhibit nine times less inhale-able crystalline silica compared to standard ceramic welding materials.

Our new family of Nano-Tec™ powders are currently silica-based formulations which improve yield (up to 15%).


Controlled lab tests resulted in Nano-Tec™ S having a 54-60% better yield against standard silica material.


Nano-Tec™ S tested 4 times more abrasion resistant than a silica brick and 3 times more abrasion resistant than a typical silica weld mass.


Nano-Tec™ S weld mass


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