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COVID-19 Corporate Update

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Effective Sunday, March 23rd, the State of Ohio issued a Director’s Stay at Home Order to address the COVID-19 pandemic; this Order defines essential and non-essential businesses. 


As Fosbel, headquartered in Brook Park, Ohio, is a crucial supplier of materials and services to both steel and glass industries, we are deemed an essential business and will continue to provide these materials and services that are imperative to our customers’ continuing production.


Fosbel remains open with reduced staffing and is responding to customer operational challenges while following the guidelines of the State Order and WHO.  Social distancing, proper hand washing, and working remotely ensures that Fosbel is working towards bringing this difficult situation to an early end.

As Fosbel is committed to the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and all business associates during this challenging time, we have issued and are following the specific requirements given below:

1.  SELF-MONITORING:  Personnel will monitor themselves daily for illness of any type and for any signs/symptoms related to COVID-19 (fever, dry cough, trouble breathing, tightness in chest).  If any illness, you are to stay home and notify direct supervisor.  (If anyone in household is ill, follow same precautions and stay home.)  Monitor your condition and contact your doctor for further instructions.


2.  SOCIAL DISTANCING:  All should be a minimum distance apart of 6 feet (2 meters).  To facilitate, Fosbel has suspended all group meetings (including, but not limited to, Daily Tool-Box Talks and weekly regulatory safety training).   

In addition, our personnel have and use wireless noise cancelling hearing devices and communicate through cell phones to maintain distance as much as possible.


     A.  Wash hands with soap and water or sanitize often

     B.  Wash or sanitize commonly touched surfaces and objects

     C.  Avoid touching face, eyes, mouth

     D.  Avoid physical contact such as handshaking, fist bumping or hugging

     E.  Cover cough or sneeze (tissue or into elbow)

     F.   Properly dispose of used tissues and wash hands afterwards

     G.  Wash clothing daily

     H.  Do not share food, drink or utensils

       I.  Follow all social distancing protocols

      J.  Avoid group activities

4.  FACILITY CHECK SHEETS:  Many of our customers have check sheets for entry into their facilities.  These check sheets are completed and returned to the customer for evaluation.  Any established protocol for entry (taking of temperature, self-quarantine if travel occurred to areas deemed restricted, etc.) will be followed by all Fosbel personnel.

5.  NON-ESSENTIAL TRAVEL SUSPENDED:  We have suspended non-essential international travel and travel by mass transit (plane, train, subway, bus, etc.).  Our personnel are instructed and encouraged to drive to work sites when possible.

Travel and work is authorized by our Safety and Operations Management Teams contingent on state and local requirements and restrictions.

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